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Talius Somfy Motor Announcement

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For over 30 years, Talius has been positioned as the leader in our industry here in North America. A significant component to this position has been our desire to partner with vendors who value quality, innovation, and service. Two of the vendors leading the tubular motor manufacturers worldwide are Elero GmbH and Somfy.

Historically, we have used Elero motors for all hardwired applications and Somfy where radio technology has been desired. Both companies continue to innovate their product lines and Elero has recently developed a new technology for their motors that replaces the technology we have become familiar with over the last 30+ years. Talius takes great pride in testing and evaluating any new products and innovations prior to promoting them to our clients in order to ensure the highest possible level of quality.

While Talius is in the testing and evaluation phase for this new product, we will be using the Somfy 400, 500, and 600 series Rapid Limit Adjustment motors on any orders where we would otherwise have utilized the Elero motor. These Somfy motors are widely known and accepted throughout our industry and have been popular with installers for decades. The only difference you will notice between the Elero and Somfy motors is the new limit setting procedures for Somfy.  Visit the Installation Instructions Page where you can download the limit setting instructions under “Somfy Standard Limit Motor Limit Setting Instructions”

Please do not hesitate to contact Talius with any questions you might have at 800.665.5550, or by email at insidesales@talius.com.

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