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Sun Protection

Both Talius Rollshutters and Habitat ScreensTM will protect from the suns harmful UV rays and glare. Talius Habitat ScreenTM provide UV and glare protection without sacrificing the view. Rollshutters provide complete protection, perfect for those that work nights or for buildings and conference rooms with projectors.

Habitat ScreensTM

Talius Habitat Screens™  are the perfect sun protection solution. They are retractable, energy efficient, and an attractive alternative to traditional interior blinds and window treatments.

Habitat Screens™ can be adjusted to provide shade when you need it most.  And when not in use, the screen retracts neatly into a 5” panel box. Habitat ScreensTM are not only designed to enhance the function of your project, they will also harmonize perfectly with the existing décor. Add an RTS sun sensor to maximize the sun protection for your client. Habitat Screens let your client enjoy a cool, comfortable environment without sacrificing any of their view.  Talius screens can be used in a variety of applications including patios, gazebos, boat launches, garages, and decks. Consequently, Habitat Screens™ also act as protection from the wind and bugs and give daytime privacy – allowing your client to enjoy their space any time of the day.

Talius Sun Protection Solution Product Details:

Product Type: Habitat Screens

Recommended Fabric Type: SunTex 95 Black  

Recommended Operator Type: Somfy RTS Motors

Recommended Additional Features: Somfy Outdoor RTS Sun Sensor


For those looking for “blackout” protection, Talius rollshutters are the ideal solution. Like screens, Talius rollshutters are installed on the exterior of windows and doors however with the aluminum profiles they provide a complete barrier against sunlight. Manually or mechanically operated rollshutters can be used to block the sun when it is convenient. Rollshutters are often used for sun protection by those that work shift work or in commercial or institutional buildings where projectors are often used as they provide “black out” protection. Add hanger locks, wider channel rails and SAFE U-sill to increase sun protection.

Talius Sun Protection Solution Product Details:

Product Type: Rollshutters

Recommended Curtain Type: SHIELD Mini  

Recommended Operator Type: Somfy RTS Motors

Recommended Rail Type: PRO-40 OR SAFE-40 Rails

Recommended Lock Type: Talius Hanger Locks

Recommended Sill Type: Talius SAFE U-Sill