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Storm Protection

Trusted Protection from Inclement Weather

For protection against Mother Nature’s harshest elements, Talius rollshutters are ideal. Talius rollshutters are strong, durable, and provide peace of mind making them the perfect solution for storm damage. Talius rollshutters are specifically designed to protect homes or businesses from damage from wind, rain and flying debris. Each rollshutters is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, tested against excessive force and specifically built to suit your projects needs.

Rollshutters Offer Trusted Protection Against Storms

Tropical storms, hurricanes, storm surges, and turbulent weather can be dangerous and costly. Left unprotected, your clients home or business could become severely damaged or even destroyed. Talius rollshutters offer convenient, practical, and attractive solutions to protect from the most violent weather. Likewise, Talius rollshutters are perfect for cottages and vacation homes.  Your client will have the peace of mind that their home-away-from-home is safe from crimes of opportunity and protected from harsh weather. With Talius rollshutters you can be assured that your windows and doors are safe from bad weather and falling debris like tree branches.

Storm Shutters Ready at a Moment’s Notice

Talius rollshutters are completely retractable, so the outside view is not sacrificed. Choose between or a combination of manual or motorized operation or integrate a battery back up system to ensure use even if power is lost during a storm. Rollhutters are easy to operate and require no special training. Any member of a family or business can easily retract each shutter at a moment’s notice. All our rollshutters are made from superior strength roll-formed aluminum. They have a high density, hard resin core. In addition, unique safe guide rails block access to the hardware and our 40 series rails have a wider channel offering greater curtain stability during high winds. A unique u-sill prevents the insertion of tools which could pry up the hurricane shutters. Talius also offers storm bars increasing the rollshutters wind load protection.

Talius Storm Protection Solution Product Details:

Product Type: Rollshutters

Recommended Curtain Type: MINI Safe  

Recommended Rail Type: PRO-40 Rail OR SAFE-40 Rail

Recommended Sill: L Sill OR SAFE U-Sill

Recommended Lock: Talius Hanger Locks

Recommended Storm Protection Feature: Storm Bars