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Peace of Mind for Your Customer

Rollshutters are the ultimate security solution when protecting what is behind your windows in required. Strong, durable, and secure, rollshutters create a solid barrier to prevent break-ins and crimes of opportunity. Talius rollshutters are completely retractable, so there is no sacrificing your outside view in favor of a secure building.

Residential Security

Talius rollshutters will secure a home from break-ins by creating a barrier against theft, broken glass, and intruders. Talius rollshutters are custom manufactured to suit your clients needs. Talius rollshutters are mounted on the outside of windows and harmonize with existing style and décor. When closed, our rollshutters protect exposed glass, prevent forced entry, and provide a strong barrier against crime.

Each of Talius rollshutters are designed and engineered to meet your client’s exact requirements. Moreover, rollshutters are built to last. Our security solutions for homes use the finest quality and most durable products to ensure your customer is well protected. All Talius products come with a comprehensive warranty.

Commercial Security

Protect your client’s business from vandalism, break-ins, and theft. Property crime is an unfortunate reality – but, Talius rollshutters are here to protect your client’s business and eliminate “downtime” caused by break-ins and vandalism. Intruders seek the fastest entry method which often is by breaking windows and doors. Talius rollshutters have earned a reputation for protecting businesses from break-ins. We are the ultimate solution proven to withstand forced entry. Our rollshutters can be fully customized and branded to fit with your business aesthetic or promote products.

During store hours, rollshutters can be retracted to provide an unobstructed view for employees and customers. Rollshutters are easily retractable using either a manual or motorized mechanism with a variety of switch options, remote controls, and timers.

School Security

Talius rollshutters are a one-time installation which help your clients save money and reduce maintenance costs. Talius rollshutters will eliminate the need to costly emergency glass clean-up, window repairs, glass replacement, and stolen property as they are designed to protect exposed glass and deter against break-ins and theft. In addition, to physically protecting your school.

During school hours, rollshutters can be retracted to provide an unobstructed view, or regulated to control light and glare. Furthermore, Talius rollshutters are easily operated with manual or motorized convenience, so you can adjust them throughout the day to suit your needs. We also offer a variety of switch options for you to choose from.

Modular Building Security

Talius rollshutters offer security solutions to protect permanent or temporary modular structures from forced entry and vandalism. Designed, engineered and customized to meet your clients exact requirements, Talius rollshutters are ideal for schools, construction site offices, medical clinics, sales centres, and many other types of modular buildings. 

Talius rollshutters have a variety of security features to ensure your project is protected. Talius SAFE series rail is a two-part rail system that hides fasteners once installed. Talius also offers a hard-resin core curtain profile that has been tested against the force of debris at high wind speeds. Talius has a unique u-sill that the rollshutter curtain closes into making it difficult for intruders to pry up the curtain. Talius has internal panel box hanger locks which engage when the curtain is down and are hidden from sight making tampering by potential intruders even more difficult. These are just some of the security options available from Talius, to learn more contact us at 1-800-665-5550.

Talius rollshutters are the most effective security solution for a home, business, or institution. Each of our rollshutters is designed to provide security and peace of mind.

Talius Security Solution Product Details:

Product Type: Rollshutters

Recommended Curtain Type: MINI Safe OR SAFE View

Recommended Rail Type: SAFE Rail OR SAFE-40 Rail

Recommended Sill: SAFE U-Sill

Recommended Lock: Talius Hanger Locks OR Octopod Locks

Recommended Operator and Switch: Standard Limit Manual Override Motor with High Security Key Switch