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Energy Efficiency

Installed on the outside of windows, Talius rollshutters and Habitat Screens™ will improve the energy efficiency and every building. They are innovative, energy efficient products proven to enhance the quality of indoor environments as they improve the thermal comfort conditions and reduce the risk of moisture condensation on window interior surfaces.

Talius products also protect the outdoor environment because they reduce the environmental carbon footprint of your home.  This also reduces your dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

  • Enhance the quality of your indoor environment
  • Minimize your environmental carbon footprint
  • Reduce the risk of moisture condensation on your windows
  • Save money on expensive heating and cooling costs

Habitat ScreensTM

Habitat Screens™ are installed on the outside of windows and are an effective means to create a cool and comfortable environment.

Talius screens reduce:

  • Solar radiation
  • Potential damage to furniture and flooring
  • Solar overheating in summer
  • Heat loss through windows in winter
  • The risk of moisture condensation on the interior surfaces of both conventional and high-performance windows
  • Environmental carbon footprint

Our Habitat Screens™ stop the sun’s intense and harmful heat and glare before it reaches the windows and reduce the solar heat gain by 80% when compared to alternative window treatments (NRCAN, 2009). Habitat Screens ™ are completely retractable using either a motorized or manual operation and have sun sensors available to optimize energy efficiency.